Your Lawn & Gardens Await!

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This is the time of year we talk about lawns with our clients. We are setting up lawn mowing plans, preparing any bed adjustments, and soil testing. The other big area is the masonry maintenance around your property. We will delve into each topic to give you an idea of how Town & Country Landscaping can be a help to you and your family this season.

Lawn Mowing Planning

We work with our clients to discuss the predicted weather for the season and if there are any adjustments they would like to make this year. Over the fall/winter we may have helped remove trees and expand lawns or added features that we need to incorporate throughout the growing season. The schedule is prepared and we work with our customers on any additional needs they see on the horizon.

Garden Bed Adjustments

Now that our clients have planned their spring gardens, we work with them to prepare the beds, expand them if necessary based on the plan, and enrich the soil in preparation for all of the plantings. We will transplant any bushes that need more room or remove those that didn’t make it through the winter, and we determine how these beds should be adjusted for the upcoming seasons.

Soil Testing and Lawn Seed & Feed

Spring is a great time to test the lawn soil for proper pH and nutrition levels. Being in the northeast, our issues can be pests or chemical imbalances that will ruin a lawn quickly. We will work to provide feed solutions to amend the soil that are not harmful to children, pets, or the environment. Our goal is to make your lawn healthy and beautiful for years to come. Seeding is based on a carefully planned schedule and we coordinate with you to provide the perfect timing.

Masonry Renovation and Repair

Outdoor hardscape took a beating with everyone home and an unusually cold and snowy winter. We provide an evaluation to our customers of all the masonry on the property to make sure everything is safe for the season.
  • Review the driveway for cracks and Belgium blocks for any seating issues
  • Check all the walkways for any unevenness, any broken slate tiles, or brick pavers that may have become loose. Now is the time to make repairs.
  • Examine all the retaining walls, drainage, patio seating, and any decorative ornamentation. We feel if you get to it quickly, you have a small issue instead of delaying maintenance and having an emergency!
We hope this helps you begin your plans for the season. We are always here to answer any questions and provide additional insight into creating the best outdoor experience for this growing year.