Warmer Weather Settles In…Finally!

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For those of you who have not spent much time thinking about your property yet, May is the month to start. There’s so much that needs to be done, especially in spring from lawn care to planting and gardens. It’s time to get your property ready for the summer months. Plan a garden, create/expand an outdoor space or build a patio. Let us work with you to get started.

We can also help with container plantings. There are so many varieties of flowers and plants available to keep your property looking beautiful through summer. Reach out to us and we can help you be prepared for the warmer weather.

Trees and Shrubs
Pruning is an important step for trees and shrubs. When checking your property, start to prune back any damage from winter. Then move to spring-flowering trees. Soon after they bloom, next year’s flower buds begin setting in late summer, so it’s important to prune and fertilize before then. Also, transplant trees and shrubs well before hot weather begins, and keep them well watered.


Here are a few suggestions to do now around your property:

  • Before the weather gets too hot, plant annuals now and make sure to keep them watered.
  • It’s time for begonias, impatiens, and coleus – perfect for container plantings to brighten a front door and walkways.
  • Add mulch to shrubs with shallow roots (such as camellias and azaleas) to protect them from summer heat and weeds.

Looking for ideas of flowers that bloom in May –
Allium, Lilac, Hellebores, Lily of the Valley, Pansies and Primrose

Lawn Care
Stay ahead of weeding. As the temperature climbs, weeds and other invasive plants can become out of control. Also, treat them with organic weed killer when they are young and only have a few leaves. And don’t forget to water the lawn!