Warmer Weather Has Arrived!

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Now that chilly weather is finally behind us, it’s safe to get planting! At this time of year, there is a great selection of plants, annuals and perennials available. The vibrant colors of the annuals, including pansies, snapdragons, impatiens and marigolds, are easy to grow and will bloom nonstop from May to September in containers and borders. Some require a lot of sunlight while others can thrive in shaded areas. They all need moist, well-draining soil, and have to be watered regularly, and be mindful about over-watering, which can easily damage them. They also attract bees and butterflies and are great to plant near doorways and patios.

It’s Time to Prune & Mulch
May is when to prune back your Spring flowering plants like azaleas and oleander after blooming to allow maximum growth ahead of their next bloom cycle, and to remove any dead or damaged parts. This is also when a fresh layer of mulch is needed around your trees and shrubs, which prevents the growth of weeds that compete with plants for food. In addition to giving texture and a well-manicured look to your yard, mulch conserves moisture and improves the soil.

Planning & Caring For Your Garden
There are so many flowers and plants to choose from, and trying to decide what contrasting and complementary colors work together and how to care for your plant selections can be overwhelming. You don’t want to plant too many different varieties, and it’s best to add color and try something different. We are available to help plan your garden and landscaping needs.

Reach out today, we can assist with any Springtime Garden and Lawn Care or any other landscaping needs. It is a busy season and it can get booked quickly.

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