Tis the Season…for Vegetables & Flowers in August!

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It is a fantastic month in the vegetable garden. Hopefully the work done earlier this summer is paying off, and you have an abundance of food. However, if you have gone through most of it, there are options available to plant including arugula, beets, broccoli, and carrots. To keep your property refreshed, August/early September is a good time to plant perennial flowers such as Asters, Marigolds, and Poppies. Also, plan an aeration and seeding schedule for your lawn. It will help the grass grow in thick and green. And as the hot, humid weather continues, keep plants well watered. However, the second half of the month can be rainy, so you can cut back. Lastly, it’s time to book Fall Container Plantings for your property. The perfect way to keep your landscape looking great. Or try something new like vertical planters. Reach out and our team can discuss options that will work for you.

Aeration & Seeding Planning

Fall is the best season for the most beneficial lawn care services you can do for your grass. Aeration gets rid of compacted soil, so the roots can get the nutrients they need to grow. Seeding ensures there is plenty of grass growing to cover the lawn, and it looks green and thick. Contact us to learn more and schedule a time.

Vegetable Garden Tips

  • Run out of space in your garden? it’s a good time to clear out early season crops that have faded to make space for new plantings. If you are adding new ones, the soil could be depleted of key nutrients, and might have to be replaced before the second round is planted.
  • As you add late summer planting, make room for additional garden space, so it will be ready next spring.
  • Consider container-friendly vegetables for August planting. Containers make it easy to move plants around to take advantage of the sunlight that may change as fall progresses.

Masonry & Hardscape with Town & Country

Before the cold weather arrives, this is the time to update, expand or build masonry and hardscape installations. Whether it’s a new walkway, patio. fire pit or outdoor fireplace on your property, Our specialized team is professional, knowledgeable and efficient. They can get the work done, so you will still have time to continue enjoying the outdoors.

August Landscaping Suggestions:

  • Keep annuals healthy for fall plantings.
  • Pick vegetables and berries regularly.
  • Continue to mulch.
  • Avoid pruning shrubs after mid-August.