Time To Get Ready For Spring

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We’ve already mentioned purchasing seeds and checking your property for any damage from Winter weather. At this point in the season, it’s time to think about your garden, flowers, plants and trees. Before trees start to bloom, have branches pruned while the soil is frozen. Deciduous trees really benefit from a late Winter cleanup. 

Planting Ideas to Enhance Your Property

As you wait for the warmer weather to arrive, it’s the perfect time to think about how you would like your property to look. Do you want to add some trees, refresh your vegetable or flower garden? There are so many varieties and options. A pollinator garden is a great way to attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds to your flowers. Or less time intensive options to enhance your outdoor space include growing zinnias or native plants (they require less water and maintenance), and can still make your garden look beautiful.

It’s Not Too Early to Think About An Outdoor Space

As the weather gets warmer, everyone will want to spend more time outside. You can update your existing space or create something new. Consider a new patio or fire pit for your property. It is perfect for enjoying time with family or entertaining.   

Reach out today, so we can assist with any Garden and Lawn Clean Up and get ready for Spring. It is a busy season and it can get booked quickly.    

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