The Many Terrains of a New England Property

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We in New England are a hearty bunch and so are the properties around our homes. The great outdoors in this part of the country has all four seasons (five if you count mud season) and this provides opportunities and cautionary tales for your landscape design.


We have hills and dales. Your landscape design can get creative in so many ways to give your property great curb appeal and a fantastic, usable backyard. For instance:

  • With creative masonry you can tame those hills and provide a richness to the landscape flow. 
  • If you have an area that is prone to erosion, a well placed drainage system and retaining wall can add eye appeal to your backyard. 
  • If you are needing privacy, you can create nooks and ‘secret gardens’ to expand the use of your outdoor expanse. Also, custom fencing and terracing can be just what you need for new sitting areas to enjoy.

Sun and Shade

The amount of sun or shade is so important to consider as you design your outdoor spaces. Certain plantings may need to be drought tolerant while others thrive in moist soil. We are glad to help you distinguish between the two and provide helpful solutions for both cases!

Soil Condition

We inherit the lawn and property from the last owners and it may need tending to get it back in shape. A soil test is the beginning of the process. Once we receive the results, we can create a unique treatment plan to provide remediation where necessary and fertilization in other parts of the property. On one property in New England, you could have sandy soil, soil too acidic or basic, and you may have soil with clay or an abundance of loam. This makes it a challenge but can be an opportunity too, which gives you the ability to plant a wide variety of perennials or annuals depending on the soil. The same is true for types of grasses and bushes.

If you are ready to go to the next level with your outdoor spaces, feel free to reach out to us. We can provide the creative ideas and process plans to make your dreams happen. Call us today at (203) 622-6070 and ask for Kevin.