The Holidays Are Here…And Winter Isn’t Far Behind

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As we have been seeing, the temperature continues to rise and fall. Take advantage of the warmer days and let us handle the maintenance and landscaping tasks. Our team is available to manage any needs. Reach out to schedule a convenient time.

Last Minute Decorating Needs 

Thinking about sprucing up your outdoor holiday decorating or enhancing what is already there? We can help with wreaths, garland, lighting or anything else you may want. Since the trees have lost their leaves, this is a great time to add some color to the landscape. Container planters are the perfect option. They can fill an open space and brighten a walkway or porch.

Snow Plowing & Removal

Even though we have not seen any snow yet, it is a good idea to plan ahead. Ignoring snow and ice can cause damage to your property. Book now, so you are prepared.

December Tips

  • Inspect Trees and Large Shrubs for Damage

Now that most trees are bare, take a look at tree trunks, branches and the trunks of large shrubs. If there is any damage to the bark, the trunk may need wrapping for the winter.

  • Add More Mulch

Before the ground freezes, it’s a good time to apply additional mulch to bulbs, perennials or any small plants and trees. And check if any bulbs have rotted or dried out, if you have kept them over the summer.

  • Check Trees for Pruning & Trimming

Since there is less use of outdoor space and the ground is firm, it’s ideal to see if any trees on your property need a prune and trim. Fewer insects this time of year and no foliage make it easier to identify any issues that need to be addressed. Plus, trees pruned now respond with consistent growth.

Let our team of professionals handle any work to be done on  your landscape and property.  Reach out – 203.622.6070.

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Happy Holidays From All of Us at Town & Country Landscape Management!
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