Take Advantage of Summer and Plant…Plant…Plant

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The Northeast sees its hottest temperatures of the growing season in July, and you may think planting season is over. Not necessarily! You can still plant a wide variety of flowers to brighten up and refresh faded container plantings and beds that are not looking their best. And don’t forget about your garden. It can use some revitalizing as well, so you can get a second harvest or choose a different type of vegetable to grow.  There’s plenty of time left in summer to take advantage and enjoy the season.

So Many Plant, Flower & Vegetable Options

You thought spring was the best time of year to add color to your property. Summer is a close second. To keep the landscape looking vibrant and colorful, here are a few examples to plant now: Petunias, Dahlia, Sweet Peas, Cosmos, and Delphinium. There are also heat-loving plants that will last throughout the warm weather including Blanket Flower, Nasturtiums (Bonus: nasturtium flowers are edible), Calendula and Lavender.

Vegetables can add a great variety to your existing garden. Why not start a second garden? It’s not too late for tomatoes, just look for the ones that grow in the 50-60 day range, which gives enough time to ripen before the first frost. And some lettuce varieties such as romaine are also a good choice.

Upgrade Your Property with Town & Country

Let us work with you to create or update your existing property and landscaping. Our experienced Team will recommend the best options for you. There’s so much to choose, including native, drought-tolerant species, pollinators, as well as trees and plants that thrive in our area. Or try something different like vertical planters that add height and visual apparel to smaller spaces. We can also create container plantings, so your property looks great, regardless of the season.

July Landscaping Tips

  • Mulch. It’s a great way to help keep the moisture in the soil while adding a polished look to your landscape and property.
  • Water your flowers, vegetables, plants and grass deeply once or twice a week. It promotes deep roots and maintains adequate soil moisture.