Still Waiting for Snow…

 In Landscaping, Lawn Care, Maintenance

As we still have not seen any considerable snowfall, and may not for this year, it does not mean the cold weather is behind us, as we know, so you still need to be prepared. However, take advantage of the warmer weather and get outside. It is ideal to take a walk around your property (as we recommend regardless of the season) and check for any broken branches that may have fallen and can damage other plants and shrubs. Despite the season, it is also a good time to plant hardy annuals. They will add much needed color to your property and can handle a light frost. A few suggestions include pansies, sweet pea, and calendula to name a few.

Other Items ‘To Do’:

  • Start to think about pruning trees and shrubs before they begin to come out of dormancy. There is still time though, if you do not get to it now.
  • Remove burlap from evergreens protected during the winter.
  • Start spring cleaning in flower beds.
  • Check and replace mulch around any plants and gardens that have been exposed by frost. If the cold weather continues, mulch should stay in place.

Time to Plan A Masonry Project
Before we get booked up as spring gets closer, talk with us now about planning for a fire pit, patio,  walkway or outdoor kitchen/living room. Our team can meet with you to discuss planning, budget, timeline and most importantly your needs. We can also check your property and access any damage or cracks in existing masonry.

Don’t Forget…Container Plantings
They add a pop of color and are great for patios and entrance ways. Annual contracts are also available for four season plantings.