Signs of Spring are Here

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We are still waiting for the weather to turn, so typical in the Northeast. And yes, we said this last month too! A final reminder about the chilly temps that may be around for another few weeks. Don’t forget to protect, cover and bring plants inside that cannot tolerate cooler temperatures for more than several hours. Despite the fluctuation in temperature, we have had some warmer weather and plants and trees have started to bloom. These are signs that it is time to start lawn and garden care. The ground has softened, so it is able to absorb products. That means move ahead with fertilizers and grass seeds. Also, as Spring approaches, flowering plants such as petunias and geraniums are available. Buy them now before they’re gone. Don’t forget to think about container plantings. We can design them for you. They add a pop of color and are great for patios and entrance ways. Annual contracts are also available for four season plantings.

It’s Time for Lawn Care

Prepare your lawn with fertilizer and seeding, so it will be ready for the hot Summer weather. Fertilizer contains a combination of nutrients that soak into the soil and help make your grass healthy. Seeding helps to fill dead areas and will make your lawn full and plush. And ask about organic lawn care products, which are better for us and the environment. Let us set up a lawn care schedule for you.

What to Plant on Your Property

When deciding what to plant for the season, think about whether you have hot, dry, sunny areas. If so, the perfect plants are creeping thyme, which are great to plant in between stepping stones. Phlox works well in rock gardens and on walls and are available in pale blue, violet, pink, bright red, or white.

Reach out today, we can assist with any Springtime Garden and Lawn Care or any other landscaping needs. It is a busy season and it can get booked quickly.

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Red Geraniums
Lawn Grass
Pink Phlox