Lawn Care 101 – What needs to be done in Late Summer and Early Fall?

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It’s the season to be outdoors and enjoy the result of all the time and effort put in to care for your lawn. However, it shouldn’t mean taking a break. It still has to endure the remainder of August heat, so we’re sharing a few tips to keep your lawn vibrant and healthy. It’s almost time to aerate and seed, which needs to be done by end of the month, so plan for it now. This allows grass to grow better and stay healthy. There’s
a lot to keep track of to maintain your lawn and property. Staying a step ahead can make the difference between enjoying a healthy lawn for the rest of the year and not having to replant in the Spring.

Keeping Your Lawn Happy
We wanted to provide a few tips about how to get your lawn through the rest of the summer:

  • Raise your mower blades. Continue mowing as needed and move the blade up the highest setting for your lawn type to give the grass more surface area to store moisture and nutrients for winter.
  • Water in the morning. Make sure your lawn gets at least one inch of water per week. Try to water between 6:00am-10:00am when temperatures are lower. And early-morning watering provides it with the necessary moisture, so it stays hydrated throughout the day.
  • Mulch grass clippings. Are a great way to shade, cool, and feed your lawn. They contain the same beneficial nutrients (like nitrogen and potassium) in smaller amounts as lawn food. Using the grass clippings is an easy way to feed your lawn regularly, which is the most important thing you can do to keep it healthy.
  • Stop fertilizing in hot weather. Over fertilizing can lead to mowing more often, and can irreversibly damage your lawn.

Lawn Care Maintenance – Aeration & Seeding
Aeration (poking holes throughout the turf) lets air and liquid circulate through the lawn and is an essential way to get oxygen, water, and nutrients to the roots. At this time in the season, day and nighttime temperatures are cooling and dew is more present on lawns, which makes it easier for new turf to get established. As late Summer turns to early Fall, the mix of warm soil and cool air is ideal for seeding. It allows time for new grass roots to develop before winter arrives.

Check Your Trees Regularly
During summer walk around your property and take a look at the trees. It’s important to catch any problems, so they can be addressed earlier and faster before any serious issues arise.

Reach out today, our professionals are available to assist with creating a custom plan to address your specific lawn care and property needs. Fall is another busy season and it can get booked quickly.

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