It’s January – Time to Think Spring!

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The start of a new year is ideal to think about what you would like to do before spring arrives. Even though the cold weather is here, there is always work that needs to get done. We are available to help with any seasonal needs. And if you have been considering additions and improvements to your property, this is a good time to plan.

Plants & the Winter Cold

It’s a harsh time of year, especially for plants. The best thing for them is to leave snow in place as an insulator. However, some of it can be removed (gently) only if the weight of the snow may break the plant. And if there is ice, do not try to remove it.

Ongoing Winter Upkeep

There are some tasks we mentioned in previous months that should continue through the winter, including:

Cleaning Out Gutters

  • Since the fall and leading into winter, if your home is surrounded by a lot of trees the gutters can become full of leaves. And even though some trees do not lose their leaves there maybe debris from the wind and rain, which can cause a blockage. It’s important to clear everything away, so the water does not lead to flooding and damage the siding and foundation.

Maintain Trees on Your Property

  • And don’t forget about the trees. Winter weather can put a lot of stress on them, as well as plants. Walk around your property and look for rotted branches or trees. Schedule an appointment for our team access the landscape and trim back or remove a tree and large branches that may be dead by the time winter is over.

Snow Plowing & Removal
The snow has arrived! Even though we have not seen much accumulation, combined with the ice, it is dangerous and can cause problems. Contact us for bookings.

Lastly. . .container plantings. Replenish existing plants and add new ones to brighten up a front door, porch or gated entrance. Annual contracts are also available for four season plantings.

Our team is available to handle any needs. Reach out – 203.622.6070.