Get Your Lawn Ready for Back to School!

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The end of summer and beginning of fall is a crucial time for your property. As temperatures cool off, fall maintenance is important for lawn health and present an opportunity for lusher grass next spring.

Aerating and Seeding Your Lawn

What is Aeration?

Core aeration is one of the most important, most beneficial services you can do for your lawn. Aeration improves soil structure, helps control thatch, helps with soil compaction and opens the soil for better water and nutrient penetration to the roots of grass plants. Core aeration removes small cores of soil about 1-3” in length from your lawn. These are deposited back on the soil surface and will help create a soil topdressing to cover the seed during the slicing process. 

For cool-season grasses, common in the north, early fall is an ideal time to aerate and seed your lawn. Water your lawn the day before and use a spike aerator or plug aerator over your entire lawn, going over especially compact areas multiple times. 

The Importance of Over-seeding

Seed and water your lawn within 48 hours of aerating so water and nutrients can reach the grass roots, maximizing benefits. 

By the end of summer, the hot months have caused grass to look less vibrant and full. Early fall is the best time to seed because the cooler temperatures of the early fall keep seeds moist and allow them to germinate without struggling against summer heat. Over seeding introduces new grass varieties to a lawn to resist diseases and thickening the lawn to better crowd out weeds. Most importantly, the thicker and greener lawn will make your whole property look lusher.

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