Get Creative with Gardens & Landscaping

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Now that Summer is here gardens and flowers are in bloom and the months you spent planning are paying off. It’s also not too late to keep planting! There are a variety of flowers, and vegetables that can be grown in July to get a second harvest or brighten up fading flower beds and container boxes.

Flowers and Vegetables Take Center Stage
Do you have some extra space in your yard or garden, fill it with a first or second crop of vegetables. Beans are ideal to begin this month. They enjoy warm weather, so seeds grow quickly. Bush and pole beans only need a trellis and once you start to pick, the more you will get. Other fast growers are cucumbers and some varieties of tomatoes, which thrive in warm temperatures. Plant now and they will be ready before the first frost. At this time of year, take advantage and choose from the gorgeous Annual varieties that flourish in hot weather. Pentas are great summer bloomers in bright pink, purple and pure white. Butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds love them, and they work well to brighten up faded planters. Another great annual that also adds a burst of color are Zinnias in bold red, orange, hot pink, white and salmon. They do not require much water, and will continue to bloom through the rest of the season.

Enhance a Patio or Landscape
Is there an area of your landscape that is underutilized? Why not turn it into a cozy, welcoming space. You can create a floor or walkway with brick, flagstones or gravel. Even a small space can fit a water feature and the gentle stream of water gives a calming, zen feel. And surround the space with beautiful greenery and flower containers to create a relaxing atmosphere. A great option for greenery are Ferns. Boston Ferns like shade, while Kimberly Ferns thrive in sunny or shady areas. Both love lots of water and should be fed twice a month with an all purpose fertilizer.

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