Final Sprucing Up For the Holidays & Cold Weather Planning

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Holiday Decorating & Snow Removal
We are available to assist with holiday lights and any decorating needs including garland, wreaths and planters. It’s a great way to bring color and decoration anywhere around your property. Or if there are any new decorating you would like to add before the New Year, reach out to us. Lastly, plan now for snow plowing and removal. Leaving snow on your driveway can cause serious damage as it melts. Water leaks into cracks and then freezes, so it’s important to have it cleared away.

Winter Weather Protection for Shrubs 

Most plants need some protection from the cold weather, so they can come back healthy in spring. The frigid air can be very drying, which allows stems and branches to break. However, there are a few options available to protect them, including Shrub Shelters and Tree Wraps.

Shrub Shelters
Shrub shelters are made of natural materials and come in a variety of sizes. They create a framework around the shrub to protect them from snow, ice, and wind. Important Tip – Do not use black plastic. It can cause extreme temperature fluctuations and damage plants.

Tree Wrap
A burlap wrap is a great option for evergreens and other shrubs that you don’t want to completely cover because they are part of your holiday decorations. It protects and supports limbs so they will not snap from heavy snow, wind, or ice. And, after a storm, it is easy to unwrap.

We are available if you need assistance deciding what is the best protection for your property.

Landscape & Property Enhancements

As the weather turns colder, consider making any additions and improvements. A stone patio, walkway, pergola, new lighting or enhance your property with an outdoor kitchen or living room. Let us work with you to plan, so once the weather gets warmer, everything is ready to begin.

To Our Valued Customers
Enjoy the Holidays & Happy New Year From All of Us At 
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