The Fall Season is Here!

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Now that it’s Fall, you should put your plan in place for the months ahead. One thing you shouldn’t stop doing yet is planting. Many people think Spring is the planting season, but Autumn right through to frost is a great time. There are so many varieties to choose from that will brighten up your property as the cold weather arrives. Planting trees, native perennials, winter lawn care, and freshening up the garden or landscape should all be on your Autumn Landscape Checklist.

Plant Trees Now Through October

Whether you’re adding native or ornamental trees to your garden, fall timing works because the weather has cooled some, there’s more rain, and enough time for roots to get established before the first frost. Contact us if you need ideas for the best trees to plant in the Northeast.

Fall is the Better Time to Seed Your Lawn

Most people think of seeding the lawn in spring, which you can do, but any type of seeding, large, small scale, or even new lawn seeding, Fall is the better option. Your lawn is dormant, not dead. Lawns are made of a few different grasses and they are meant to go dormant when it gets hot and dry. The cooler weather and rain helps grass grow. Fertilizer makes it green again and will repair any damage from the long, dry summer.

Native Perennials

Do not skip these plants because it’s Fall. They will continue to bloom well past other varieties have finished. And there’s always room for another plant or two! Some options to try include a Hardy Ageratum and New England Aster.

Ornamental Cabbage and Kales

These textural plants are considered a fall staple. They are hearty enough to last well into the winter. Kales and cabbages have a wide temperature range in which they thrive (from 75 degrees to the mid-30s, and even well below freezing). In fact, the colder it gets, the more the color intensifies. They are the perfect addition in the garden or planters and will brighten up any walkway throughout the cold months.

And finally…if you have been thinking about a fire pit for your yard or patio, now is the perfect time. Contact us for more information.

Reach out today, our professionals are available to assist with creating a custom plan to address your specific lawn care and property needs. Fall is busy season and it can get booked quickly.