Fall Preparation is Underway!

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In September the weather can range from sunny and mild, while other times summer heat drags on or there’s excessive rainfall. Overall, in our area it stays temperate for now, which is the perfect time to keep planting and fertilizing the lawn and trees. As we mentioned last month, continue aeration and seeding, so the grass, trees and shrubs have enough nutrients for the cold weather. In the fall, there are many choices to plant in the garden and around your property. Take advantage of the abundance. There’s always alot to do, let our team help you with any needs.

Book Fall Container Plantings!
Fall flowers add a pop of color to your garden and property after summer blooms fade and the weather begins to cool. Selecting hardy annual, perennial flowers adds extra interest and there are a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. They look great on a porch, front door or walkway. We can create container plantings for the fall and winter seasons. Reach out to get started. We start to book up quickly.

Fall Lawn Care
September is the best climate for cool season lawns. This is the time to repair your grass from summer months, develop healthy roots, and even renovate the lawn. Our experienced team can determine what you need along with a schedule and budget.

Add Color with Fall Flowers & Shrubs
Planting flowers and flowering shrubs now can breathe new life into a fall garden. There are so many varieties to choose. To brighten your property, we suggest Chrysanthemums, Ornamental Kale, Cabbages and Peppers, Hydrangeas, Dahlias, and Black-Eyed Susans. Also, Calendula is a hardy annual for flower beds and borders. Plus, their deep orange petals can also be used raw in salads.