Fall Has Arrived!

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We are sprucing up properties for fall with new autumn planters and annual plants for the gardening beds. We want to make sure they are perfect for our northeast weather, which can feature chilly mornings and warmer afternoons. Plant materials that can handle this fluctuation in temperature are perfect and can add a bit of new color and excitement to your landscape.

Think About Color and Variety

Changing out the planters and beds with hearty chrysanthemums in their variety of colors is just what your porch and patio need. Other fall favorites include pansies, celosias, croton, purple fountain grass, flowering kale (or cabbage) and asters. Think ‘thrill, fill and spill.’ You want something that has some height with drama (thrill), a good filler plant and then your ‘spill’ can be a light and airy plant that flows over the sides of your container.


Next Month

We will be contacting our regular landscape accounts about their fall clean-up. If you are new to Town & Country Landscape Management, feel free to give us a call at (203) 622-6070 to discuss how we can help with your autumn landscaping needs.

Looking Ahead to the Holidays and the First Snowflake!

It’s not too early to book your snow plowing and look to us for the exterior holiday decorations help. We are happy to discuss your needs and explain how our services can help make your holidays and winter wonderful. Reach out to begin a conversation today with Kevin at (203) 622-6070.