Countdown to Spring!

 In Landscaping, Lawn Care, Maintenance

Last month we talked about the lack of snow this winter, however, what is still continuing are the cold temperatures – typical for the Northeast. As we look forward to early spring, now is the time to begin preparing. Trees and shrubs are the best place to begin. There is much to get started on this month!

Here are a few items to do, so you’re ready when the warmer weather arrives:

Trees & Shrubs
Continue to prune. Start with nonflowering trees and shrubs, but hold off on birch and maple trees until after the leaves develop. Don’t forget the roses. They should be pruned and fertilized.

Perennials & Bulbs
Cut back overgrown perennials, and weed bulb beds carefully. Replant any plants that have been pushed out of the ground by the cold and frost. And, continue to buy bulbs, so you will be ready to plant.

Annuals and Container Plantings
The cool, early spring is ideal to plant pansies, snapdragons, dianthus, and violas. Annual contracts are available for four season plantings. Containers look great year round. Reach out to us today to start.

Finally, refresh your herb garden. Begin to trim back plants and add new perennial herbs such as rosemary, parsley, thyme, and mint.