Cooler Temps means it’s Time for Aeration!

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With the passing of Labor Day, we welcome the unofficial end of Summer.

You may notice the effect of the extended hot and humid temperatures on your yard. There is no better time than the beginning of the new Fall season, with its cooler temperatures, to aerate and overseed your lawn.

Why is it important to Aerate and Overseed?

Compacted Soil

Over the course of the Summer and with increased foot traffic on your lawn, the soil can become compacted. Compacted soil limits access to the grass roots for necessary air and water, leaving your grass looking unhealthy over time.  The process of core aeration removes small cores of soil throughout your lawn, allowing small openings for air, water, and any nutrients to reach the grass roots.

Thin, Dry Patches

The summer heat can cause grass to grow more slowly and you may find that there are some patches of grass that appear thin, or even brown.  After the process of aeration, overseeding can help to fill in any thin patches of grass to allow for a fuller and more lush lawn. The cooler Fall temperatures are also a great time for grass seed to germinate and grow.

Annual aeration and overseeding  is key in maintaining a healthy lawn that looks green and full. By taking some time in the Fall to care for your lawn now, you’ll find that you are in a better place when prepping your outdoor landscape next Spring.

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