Be Prepared for Colder Weather

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Now that Annual and Autumn planting is done, it’s time to turn your attention to lawn care and landscape maintenance. Before the temperature drops, there is still work to be done, so your property is ready for the Fall season.

Top 5 Autumn Tips:

1.  Leaving Leaves Can be Harmful to Your Landscape

  • Rake them off the lawn and planting beds so they do not rot and trap moisture.

2.  Routine Tree Trimming

  • Routine tree trimming can help achieve the most optimal health for the life of your trees.

3.  Fertilize Your Lawn

  • Fertilize your lawn so it stays healthy for Spring & Summer.

4.  Putting Bushes and Flowers to Bed

  • Remove debris, trim back plants, flowers, replenish mulch, and plant bulbs for Spring.

5.  Turn Off Irrigation Systems

  • Turn off irrigation systems to protect from the cold and make any repairs to prevent potential issues that can arise.

Holiday Decoration Planning and Winter Prep

When your property clean up is complete, it’s time to think about holiday preparation. Town & Country can help with all your holiday lighting and decoration needs. And, it’s not too early to book your snow plowing.

We are happy to discuss your needs and explain how our services can help make your holidays and winter wonderful. Reach out to begin a conversation today with Kevin at (203) 622-6070.